The Material And Human Needs To Open A Stationery

Besides the room, you will need a number of elements to operate your stationery.

Starting with the acquisition of the stock. Obviously, this will depend on the type of products you offer.

Stock is generally the most important expense item: around 60% of turnover. Then come staff costs and rent.

In addition to the stock, you will notably need to provide:

  • to set up the room: shelves or shelves, sales counter, cash register, etc.
  • acquire a professional photocopier if you plan to offer this service
  • to equip you with computer equipment for the administrative part

To minimize the initial investment, consider requesting quotes from different professionals. Compare prices, and choose a formula adapted to your project.

In terms of staff, the needs are quite limited: for a small structure a person at the counter to collect and inform customers is generally sufficient. Depending on the opening hours, you may need several people at this position in order to be able to ensure a rotation, and not to have to close during your holidays or in case of illness.

Also remember to anticipate the workload at the administrative level, do not hesitate here to call a chartered accountant to unload you.

Finally, note that you do not need a license to open a stationery store. Neither you, nor your employees will need a particular qualification (it is however recommended to have bases in the management of a shop).

Opening a stationery: the marketing plan

The development of your stationery is progressing. We now have to create what we call our marketing plan.

Creating a stationery is good, but you still have to make it known, if you don’t want your room to remain desperately empty.

Let’s say it again: the right location for your business is essential. The ideal is to be in the city center, in a usually busy street and close to other shops.

But these places are often more expensive. And at the same time, that may not be enough to keep your business busy. At the time of the inauguration, remember to communicate with the local media: the small newspapers in your city will appreciate to speak about your store, especially if its concept goes off the beaten track.

Finally, word of mouth will play a lot. If your business is larger, you may want to consider opening a website or developing visuals (flyers, posters, etc.) that will promote you.

Write down your stationery business plan

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, your next goal will be to complete your stationery business plan.

The business plan is therefore an exhaustive document comprising a provisional financial budget and a written part. It must include all the elements necessary to launch your stationery. And for good reason: it should serve you as well to verify that nothing was left to chance and that the company will be profitable, as to convince your bank or your future investors.

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