Magical World of the Embroidery


We simply love to make embroidered garments. We can sit for ours in the studio and discuss techniques, finishes and color variations of the beads. Many people do not know that on most heavily beaded garments there are countless ours of work behind it. Here are a few words to describe it. First the beads are handpicked one by one, then the beads are stitched on the fabric one by one. Even the sequins are applied one by one. They are stitched by Indian men who have brought this embroidery technique through generations. Their skills were passed on the them by their fathers and their fathers before them. Their families historically embroidered for the highest echelons of Indian society. We should all respect their specialised talents and we are honored to have our collections made by them.

The embroidery is applied hand by hand, stitch by stitch. There are two kinds of embroidery used, Zardosi and Ari. Zardosi stitching is how you or I would sew, pulling the thread through the fabric and then pulling it down through the fabric. Ari stitching uses a special, curved tambour needle round and up through the fabric while the stitching hand remains over the fabric.

The fabric is cut by our pattern cutter, then stretched out over a frame. The pattern of the embroidery is then chalked onto the fabric for the embroiderer to follow. Once the embroidery is applied to all pieces, the garment is assembled on a hand operated sewing machine.

Since they are among the most talented craftsmen in India, our embroiderers are in great demand. We only work with the best facilities to bring forward the best possible products.

We will have always a part of the collection called “ Atelier ”. “ Atelier ” is a focused capsule collection that celebrates our love for handmade and unique pieces. It is no secret that we Love to make beautiful handmade clothes. We are blessed to be working with so many great people. Many of the best handembroidery craftsmen in the world work on our “ Atelier ” Andersen & Lauth collection. We study the history of embroideries. Each period has its own charm, its own niche and look. Our favorite is the victorian period. Imagine a world without factories, without technical limitations, each piece of clothing made by hand. All clothes in “ Atelier ” are hand-made in our ateliers. Those pieces reflect the love and passion we have for the old fashion workmanship, before the modern technological era. 

The Andersen & Lauth collections are a Romantic journey through time. We simply think that the women of the world deserve beutiful things made with Love and true passion. All the way from the design studio in Reykjavik to the hand embroiderier in Delhi. All a part of the same Love story.